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Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Consulting for Healthcare Facilities

Protect your patients and staff. Control risk, reduce liability, and get science-based solutions to your most challenging healthcare environmental issues.

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Construction Risk Management & Monitoring

Construction workers, whether in-house or contracted labor, aren’t always aware of potential environmental risks their work can create. FACS helps you manage and monitor those risks.

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Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is critical to the healthcare environment. We help your team create programs and procedures to monitor and maintain indoor air quality for your patients and staff.

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Outbreak Response Investigations

Outbreaks from agents like Legionella, Candida, Aspergillus, and many others can arise from a number of different sources in the healthcare environment. We help track down the source of the outbreak and stop it.

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Waterborne Pathogen Management and Response

Waterborne pathogens in the healthcare environment often result from inadequate water system management or construction activities. FACS’ team of experts can respond if an outbreak occurs at your facility, in addition to helping you avoid them by building and managing your water management plan.

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Why Work With FACS

Specialized Experts

Our Healthcare Sector Team is comprised of experts who have spent much of their careers working within the healthcare environment. Our experience allows us to addresses the day-to-day as well as the high-profile crisis issues in the healthcare environment.

The Right Perspective

FACS relies on science-based approaches to all environmental issues in the healthcare space. The safety of your patients and staff demands no less.

Current with Regulations

The Healthcare Sector Team stays abreast of changes in regulations affecting the healthcare environment. We help your team keep clear of regulatory agency problems.




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Our Team

The FACS team is dedicated to public and environmental health. Our more than 150 staff members offer coast-to-coast assistance. Our mission statement is to “Create experts, both staff and clients, who improve public health and the environment.” We take that mission seriously by encouraging our team members to enhance their certifications and by helping your staff gain proficiency at actions they may have not yet recognized as important to the health of your facility and people.

The FACS Team

The healthcare industry is rife with challenges that continue to evolve. Fortunately, FACS has consistently proven its dependability in Industrial Hygiene and other related services. Our organization values urgency, and FACS always delivers whenever we require their assistance. They are committed to adopting the best practices to meet our standards, and we remain focused on ensuring employee safety and a positive patient experience. FACS has been an instrumental partner in helping us achieve our mission, thanks to their team of highly experienced and trustworthy professionals.

Senior Manager, Occupational Safety & Health

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