The Formaldehyde Threat: Enhancing Safety in University Laboratories

Often times preservation solutions used to keep the integrity of specimens utilized for educational purposes in upper education anatomy laboratory courses are overlooked as a source of exposure to harmful agents, one of which is formaldehyde. Faculty and staff who work with specimens in an educational setting may be exposed to harmful levels of agents,… Read more »

Lead in School Drinking Water

Is School Water Safe to Drink? The reality is that lead in school drinking water continues to be a serious concern, with children in many schools potentially drinking water with dangerous levels of lead. Even when water entering a facility meets all federal and state public health standards for lead concentrations, older plumbing materials found… Read more »

The Smart Way to Manage Hazardous Building Materials in Schools

Imagine the following situation, then ask yourself one question: “Could this happen in my school?” The school’s new Athletic Department administration has received a donation to improve the weight room used by the school’s student-athletes, starting with removal of the tile flooring. The Athletic Department hires a flooring contractor to remove the existing tile flooring… Read more »

Protecting Schools Against the Risks of Wildfire Smoke Particulate Matter

Wildfires are occurring more frequently than ever before, and the smoke from those fires is threatening the health of not only those who live near the fire but can adversely impact schools and communities hundreds of miles away. Air quality degradation due to wildfire smoke often puts school administrators in the uncomfortable position of balancing… Read more »

Mold in Classrooms and Other IEQ Problems in Schools

Schools are ground zero for indoor environmental quality (IEQ) concerns. Asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs, and many other issues become especially sensitive when classrooms or other student-occupied spaces are involved. FACS experts are often asked to do more than develop a plan for the abatement of hazardous materials. The schools we serve depend on our IEQ… Read more »

Are CO2 Sensors Now Required in All California Classrooms?

In January of 2021, the California Division of the State Architect issued Bulletin IR N-2 stating that “As of January 1, 2021, all existing classrooms must be equipped with a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring device meeting all of Section 1625.”  The Section 1625 reference is to the California Public Utilities Code (PUC) Article 3, Chapter… Read more »

Lead Water Testing for Schools: What’s Coming Down the Pipe?

School lead water testing…we did that already, didn’t we? Yes, but there are signs indicating there is more to come. The voluntary program launched by the State Water Resources Control Board in 2017 formally ended in July of 2019. However, recent legislation requires testing lead in water for all licensed Child Care Centers (CCCs) in… Read more »

Have Schools Forgotten About AHERA?

Here’s an amazing fact: Many people — even those who occupy decision-making positions in school districts — have no idea what AHERA is, what is required of the school district to comply, the current status of their schools’ reports, or how to comply with AHERA in a cost-effective manner.  Chances are high that you’re either… Read more »

The Rising Danger of Fentanyl on Campus

What are the biggest threats colleges and universities face today? You might mention rising tuition rates or the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on classroom teaching – but there’s something else creeping onto campuses at an alarming rate.  Much too often, we’re hearing stories like these: The Los Angeles Police Department stepped in during the… Read more »

Lead in School Drinking Water: Are Students at Risk?

You’re attending an event at a public school, and you’re thirsty. Your choices are to buy a soft drink from the machine or refill your empty water container at the drinking fountain in the hallway. You’d prefer a cold bottle of spring water, but that selection is sold out. Question: Would you have any fear… Read more »