UAS Joins FACS - Forensic Analytical Consulting Services
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United Analytical Services, Inc (UAS) Joins FACS

A strategic blending of two like-minded companies that believe in science-based decision making, education and protecting public health.

Why the Addition?

Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc. (FACS) is pleased to announce the acquisition of United Analytical Services, Inc. (UAS). We are pleased and proud to introduce the Chicago team to our existing clients and to offer the same science-based decision-making processes to our clients located in the Chicagoland market.

Serving Chicago and surrounding markets, UAS has been providing professional industrial hygiene services for over 25 years and brings FACS tremendous experience and subject matter expertise.

With 12 office locations and over 175 employees to better serve you, FACS is well-positioned to be a trusted partner that can help support your environmental consulting needs.

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