Trends in Multi-Family Property Maintenance During the Pandemic

Multi-family apartment communities have always presented unique challenges to the people who own them, work at them, and live in them, but the COVID-19 pandemic created situational difficulties on a scale most of us have never before witnessed. FACS works with multi-family management teams nationwide, so we’re positioned to not only help staff navigate the… Read more »

Mold Control Added to Colorado Residential Rules

Colorado law now includes mold and dampness control as a warrant of habitability requirement. That change is part of the Colorado Residential Tenants Health and Safety Act (HB 19-170). The new rule also shortens the time landlords are given to respond to tenant complaints related to the livability of residential properties. The move immediately drew… Read more »

7 Steps to a Mold and Moisture Plan for Property Management

Property managers are paid to keep occupants happy and facilities on track. Throw in a recurrent “black mold” problem, water damage from a leaking pipe, or a full-blown flood and mold growth emergency … and the property manager’s job can seem overwhelming. That’s why strategic planning is crucial. With a properly thought-out plan in place,… Read more »