Emergency Response Essentials

A water pipe bursts inside one of your properties, and your maintenance staff responds quickly to stop the flow. After that, you’ll have to make sure areas incurring water damage are addressed and the salvageable building materials are dry before you can begin the work of returning your property to its former condition. You’re in… Read more »

Trends in Multi-Family Property Maintenance During the Pandemic

Multi-family apartment communities have always presented unique challenges to the people who own them, work at them, and live in them, but the COVID-19 pandemic created situational difficulties on a scale most of us have never before witnessed. FACS works with multi-family management teams nationwide, so we’re positioned to not only help staff navigate the… Read more »

FACS Incident Response Management

With FIRM, eliminate stress & waste from unplanned incidents.

It is hard to react quickly and efficiently when problems arise. There are so many things to coordinate and stakeholders want their spaces cleaned up and operational as quickly as possible. The pressure mounts as impacts from the damage may not be fully understood and the response action evolves.

Are You Really Ready for the Unexpected?

When you have a loss over your deductible, your insurance carrier will typically take over and provide you with expert incident management teams; consultants, and remediation and construction professionals. This gives you the power of their relationships/pricing models and very few of the headaches.

What happens if your losses are below your deductible or is one that you would prefer to fix outside of your insurance provider relationships? They happen more frequently and are typically more difficult to manage. They can drain you of time, money and resources.

There is an answer. Forensic Analytical Consulting Services Incident Response Management solution (FIRM), provides expertise, project management and cost savings that you would typically receive from your insurance carrier without the worry of increased premiums. The result: cost savings and productivity gains on all your incidents.