Hospital Tower Demolition Project

  • asbestos abatement, environmental monitoring, industrial hygiene


The client had a 7 story former hospital tower built in 1971 that needed to be removed. The tower was structurally attached to three other buildings which remained occupied for the duration of the project and was in the heart of a full service medical center campus. Prior to the demolition, FACS provided hazardous material, asbestos, lead, and PCB consulting along with a survey and design documents. FACS had to prepare to manage dust containment, noise, vibration, and potential impact to utilities throughout the duration of the demolition. FACS provided full-time abatement onsite monitoring which included daily inspections of the project area, containments, and engineering controls,and collection of clearance air samples.


This abatement project was much more complex than a traditional abatement and demolition project. All below-ceiling demolition was considered to have friable fireproofing within wall cavities and overspray was assumed to exist on all surfaces that may have been installed at the time of the fireproofing. This condition needed to be managed while the demolition contractor sequenced the project to ensure that the main facility was not impacted by the demolition project.

Office: San Francisco
Senior Project Manager: Marco Di Piramo

Project Name: 1971 Hospital Tower Demolition Project
Project Location: Northern California
Project Revenue: $351,000
Dates: December 2013 – March 2015

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