5 Ways to Achieve Better Outcomes When a Family Member is Hospitalized

There are few things more stressful for you, or a friend or loved one, than to be admitted to a hospital. From when we’re very young, these cold, sprawling buildings carry the stigma of being a scary place where even scarier things happen – and it’s not easy to shake these feelings, even as adults.

Today, there’s a new reason for the “fear factor”: Changes in healthcare, skyrocketing hospitalization costs, a feeling of isolation from doctors and nurses – and yes, even an enhanced awareness of hospital-acquired infections – all conspire to send anxiety and stress levels soaring.

Yet, the presence of loved ones during the hospital stay can have some very measurable benefits to all involved. Studies conducted for both Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and The Journal of the American Medical Association show stress is reduced when a family member accompanies a patient. This reduction in stress often leads to an overall improvement in patient outcomes.