The Synergist: Evaluating a Structure Fire

October 2016

Assessing structural fire damage can represent a significant challenge for enterprises. In the wake of a structure fire, impacts can range from complete or partial physical destruction, to staining or discoloration of surfaces, residual odor, and corrosion.

To be prepared should your facility ever be impacted by a structure fire, you can download the article, Evaluating a Structure Fire (The Synergist, October 2016)by Forensic Analytical Consulting Services’ Michelle Rosales, MPH, CIH. In it, Michelle offers insights into how to assess and understand your damage, as well as what choices to make to ensure an efficient recovery.

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Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, a national leader in industrial hygiene for more than 30 years, provides innovations in science-based solutions to protect public health. FACS is proud to announce new members to our team of top Certified Industrial Hygienists: Michael Andrew, MS, CIH, CSP, LEED AP (Portland, Oregon), and Gerard Baril, MS, CIH (San Francisco, CA).

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