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We understand that business can’t wait. We respond quickly to our client’s needs ranging from requests for information and sampling needs to emergency consulting services.


FACS has responded to some of the worst natural disasters in the country.  When Hurricanes Wilma, Katrina and Rita devastated the states of Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, FACS was there for our clients. With expertise in initial site assessments, project designs, remediation and final clearance sampling, FACS professionals helped our clients manage crises and return facilities back to serviceable conditions.


Dealing with asbestos, lead, mold, and other contaminants is standard for our project managers. Their expertise ensures that regulations and guidelines are adhered to and that the job site is safe for the owner, employees and other trades on location.

We will create an excellent scope of work that includes the use proper engineering controls, recommendations to hire properly credentialed workers and that emphasizes safety. It is these principles that guide FACS and our clients through successful projects while staying on time and on budget.


Because of our balanced approach, industry research and immediate response, risk managers have grown to trust FACS’ investigation and analysis of environmental health concerns at their properties and facilities.

FACS’ risk management programs require that all generated data be accurate, defensible and repeatable, arming risk management professionals with the scientific facts necessary to make the right decisions each time.

“They came out quickly, they brought a team, they went into each property, came back with results, timely, with good recommendations. So that kept something from happening.”

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