Right People®


Although tests, measurement tools and standards are imperative, it is people who matter most. You need people who are concerned about your problem and experienced staff that are genuinely motivated to solve it–not just for you but for the people you serve too.

FACS’ dedicated team of professionals have provided environmental health project management services for over 30 years. This experience has helped create a system that effectively manages complex remediation projects in a safe and efficient manner.

We ask the tough questions. We explain the details and tell the truth. We make the hard calls when needed and make the right recommendations when it counts the most without the red tape. And if the time comes, we will stand beside you to testify and consult on your behalf with utmost concern for ethics and public safety.

“There are many Environmental companies that provide quality work. Forensic Analytical is in the elite class of those companies and demonstrates it by their professionalism and customer focus.”

Lance J. EwingCotton, Inc.