Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois – B.S. Biology, 1997

Certifications and Registrations

  • IDPH Licensed Asbestos Project Manager – #100-01306
  • IDPH Licensed Asbestos Building Inspector – #100-01306
  • IDPH Licensed Air Sampling Professional – #100-01306
  • IDEM Licensed Asbestos Inspector – #19A009735
  • DHS Wisconsin Licensed Asbestos Inspector – #AII5129
  • IDPH Licensed Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor – #L-001047
  • IDEM Accredited Asbestos Project Designer
  • Georgia Institute of Technology – Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment, Atlanta, GA
  • Georgia Institute of Technology – Inspecting for Lead Hazards, Atlanta, GA
  • Indoor Air Quality – Practical & Applied – The Environmental Institute Marietta, GA
  • Identification of Regulated Hazardous Wastes – The Environmental Institute, Marietta, GA
  • Conducting Environmental Evaluations, Assessments & Audits – TEI, Marietta, GA
  • Certified Lead Renovator – Environmental Management Institute, Indianapolis, IN
  • Indoor Air Pollution, University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • Radiation Safety Training, Scitec Corp.

Professional Experience

As an environmental scientist and consultant, Mr. Daniels has more than 34 years of practical and applied experience in the environmental consulting industry. Mr. Daniels’ experience includes performing inspection, project management, design, assessment and testing on thousands of environmental projects for public, private, governmental, healthcare, education, commercial and industrial clients.  Mr. Daniels has also been integrally involved on hundreds of construction projects interacting with project teams that included the Architect, Engineer, Client, Using Agency, Environmental Health/Safety, Project Managers, general contractor, demolition contractor and other trades to safely address potential environmental hazards and occupational exposure issues.

His extensive experience has included asbestos, lead, water, Phase I & II Investigations, mold and Indoor Air Quality Surveys, assessments and projects. His asbestos and lead experience has ranged in size from small scale, special use studies, the inspection of a 1,000,000 square foot industrial facility, to major construction, renovation and demolition projects. His mold and Indoor Air Quality experience has ranged from small, single room studies to the comprehensive assessment of a 600,000 square foot public high school facility. Mr. Daniels’ water testing and consulting has included lead and water quality investigations and comprehensive assessments at over 100 school buildings and other facilities for compliance with State and Federal Drinking Water Standards.

As a member of the ASTM Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment and D22 on Air Quality, Mr. Daniels has been involved in the draft and review of a number of ASTM Standards, Guidelines and Protocols.  His sub-committee work has included being an active member on Phase I and Transaction Screen Task Groups and developing Guidelines for the Assessment of Asbestos Containing Building Materials and Mold in connection with real estate transactions.

Mr. Daniels is currently directing environmental projects that include Asbestos, Lead, Phase I & II Investigations, Water, Mold and Indoor Air Quality Surveys.  While working on a variety of environmental projects and studies, Mr. Daniels has also been responsible for the daily supervision of the environmental field staff, field staff training and development, technical proposals, marketing and project development.  Mr. Daniels serves as a client contact liaison as it relates to QA/QC for field services, documentation and reporting.

Professional Affiliations

  • ASTM International – Since 1998 General Interest & Producer
  • ASTM International – E50 Environmental Assessment, Risk Management & Corrective Action Committee & Sub-Committees
  • ASTM International – D22 Air Quality Committee & Sub-Committees
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) – Chicago Section