June 3, 2015: AIHce 2015 – “Ethics and the IH in Healthcare Settings” Presented by John Martinelli

On Wednesday, June 3rd, John Martinelli, Forensic Analytical’s Corporate Director, Healthcare Services is presenting at AIHce 2015. The topic is Ethics and Healthcare, and John will be focusing on Ethics and the IH in Healthcare Settings.

At 12 percent of the workforce, healthcare is one of the largest and fastest growing industry sectors in the U.S. This group of approximately 17 million people is expected to grow to 22 million in the next decade. Each individual consumes healthcare services and a large number of IH and safety professionals work in the healthcare sector. These professionals need to make difficult decisions that require balancing risk with risk perception, occupational health with public or patient health, rights of the patients with rights of the workers, cost of protection with quality of protection, and patient needs with client or employer needs. Outbreaks like the Ebola epidemic will increase the importance of sound professional judgment. Speakers will discuss the ABIH Code of Ethics and ethical issues associated with workplace violence, providing competent professional services, independent decision making, and mandatory vaccination. Case studies and real world examples will be presented, providing insight into ethical dilemmas.