FACS Incident Response Management (FIRM)

From small pipe leaks to a wide range of unplanned incidents, FACS Incident Response Management (FIRM) lessens the impact of these situations by providing hands-free incident management services. Helping reduce the cost and potential liability of an incident, FIRM works to minimize business interruptions by resolving each situation in a consistent and timely manner. If you have multiple properties, vendors with complicated invoices, or risk revenue loss from property downtime, FIRM is a great fit for your business. To learn more about FIRM, call our FACS consultants at 844-430-7755 today.

24/7 Crisis Management

Air quality concerns, toilet overflows, pipe leaks, biohazards and flooding are all examples of emergency events that can be managed by FACS, your single point of contact. The following are features of the FIRM program:

  • One call is all that is needed. Call line is staffed 24/7
  • Response follows customer-specific protocols
  • Standardized national account vendor pricing
  • Ability to source and manage vendors for consistent service at all locations
  • Avoid business interruption by minimizing property downtime
  • Cloud-based reporting system to easily track incidents
  • Complete audits of vendor invoicing to minimize billing errors
  • Real-time incident reports available 24/7
  • Helps manage regulatory requirements (OSHA, EPA and local)

Don’t be at the mercy of your vendors – let FACS manage your incidents from start to finish and save you money.

In the Event of an Incident, Contact FACS

No matter the incident, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services can safely, cost-effectively and consistently handle a variety of crises, from mold-related structural issues to property damage caused by wildfire smoke. Give your local FACS office a call to learn more about the FIRM program, or contact a FIRM representative by phone at 844-430-7755 to receive a free business impact analysis customized to your business.