FACSTrack Water

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Easily access environmental records and prepare your business for potential health concerns with FACSTrack Water, a web-based, interactive system for tracking critical water management program data. FACSTrack Water organizes water sample locations, waterborne pathogen sample results, temperatures and residual chlorine data for Legionella and other bacteria control in facilities for streamlined project management.

Why You Need an Efficient Water Management Program

Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a mandate to reduce Legionella risk in healthcare facility water supplies (see our summary of this mandate here). While this standard applies to Healthcare facilities, all public facilities, including multi-unit residential facilities, need to be concerned about Legionella and other water based pathogens.  Additional Information is available from the Center for Disease Control at CDC Toolkit or the ASHRAE 188-2015 Standard.

At FACS, our experienced team of consultants can help you develop a water management program that will help create a more healthful environment while also reducing your liability.

Program Details

An efficient water management program includes control measures such as physical controls, temperature management, disinfectant level control, and visual inspections. Environmental testing for pathogens, specified testing protocols, results of testing, and documentation of corrective actions also needs to be included to maintain control limits. Because testing must be done on a periodic basis, you may be faced with an overwhelming amount of data. This is where FACSTrack Water can help.

With FACSTrack Water, you can easily track potable water, HVAC equipment, water features, pools and spas from a completely secure, 24/7, Cloud-based system. Access sample history by location for any time period, export data to a PDF and see digitalized diagrams of each building’s floor plan with the water outlets identified – all with the click of a button.

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