Expert Testimony


FACS is a leader in providing knowledgeable and articulate expert witnesses for our clients. We bring cutting-edge expertise to our clients through our research and active participation with industrial hygiene organizations as well as the industry and community sectors we serve.

Our values are firmly rooted in the integrity of science-based decision-making, ensuring our arguments are well-balanced, supported by clear logic and consistent with established guidelines and current research in the public and environmental health arena. Each of our experts integrates the knowledge and experience of our entire team of environmental health professionals to find solutions to complex problems and ensure our positions withstand peer scrutiny.

We also understand the underlying dynamics of litigation and strive to deliver science in context—ensuring that our data and opinions directly address the key issues in question and support the resolution process.

Each of our experts maintains a healthy balance of projects in both litigated and non-litigated settings, ensuring that our opinions and solutions are practical and routinely tested outside the courtroom.

We recognize the importance of articulating opinions in a clear and concise manner and utilize the latest technology to help ensure that our data, positions and reasoning are understood by all stakeholders.