Subject Spotlights

  • Biological Agents

    Allergens Our residences, workplaces and communities host a broad variety of biological agents that can cause allergic reactions in people, some well known and some not…dogs, cats, cockroaches, dust mites and mold growth, just to name a few. These sources and the allergens involved can present significant challenges to investigators as many of them are […]

  • Chemical Agents

    Asbestos For more than 30 years, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services has provided a full range of testing, inspection, training, litigation support, and other consulting services as a means of assisting our clients in managing asbestos materials. Places where dangers from asbestos may lurk include existing buildings, at sites with naturally-occurring asbestos, and at contaminated sites under litigation or […]

  • Physical Agents

    EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are invisible lines of force present everywhere in our environment. EMF, as it generally pertains to environmental health exposure, refers to extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields, ranging from 3 to 3,000 Hz. This range includes power-frequency (50 or 60 Hz) fields. These fields can induce currents […]

  • Other Issues

    Healthy Building Programs We have all seen the headlines: buildings closed due to bacterial outbreaks, chemical contamination, mold lurking behind walls. They are attention getters that play upon our fear of the unknown and how it may harm us. They can also be the source of significant delays and liabilities for those in the business […]