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Mold & Moisture

Are you prepared to deal with mold and moisture concerns? We have the staff, protocols and programs to help.

FACS Mold and Moisture services assess conditions related to incidents of mold growth and water intrusion (both clean and contaminated/black water). We help evaluate causal factors, assess related contaminants, identify impacted materials, characterize potential exposures & occupant risks, and provide recommendations for remediation.

When remediation is needed, our experts develop detailed remediation specifications, assist with contractor selection, review work plans, monitor activities, provide course of work documentation and evaluate conditions following remediation to confirm acceptable conditions.

FACS works with building owners and managers to create and implement programs to minimize the frequency and severity of water intrusion and mold growth events by creating custom operations and maintenance programs, procedures, performing proactive audits, and supporting training and education.

Key Agents & Issues

  • Bacteria
  • Blackwater/Sewage
  • Floods
  • Mold
  • Water Intrusion Response

Over the last 20 years I have worked with the FACS team on dozens of projects and they have always come up with the best solution to help reduce our risk, while respecting our budget and schedule.

Mike Chihoski
Chief Executive Officer, Aristo Properties Group

Case Study

FACS Helps School District Create a Mold Operations and Maintenance Program

Discovering mold growth in an occupied building can be an alarming situation. When that mold is on the ceiling of a school classroom, though, the concern is even higher. FACS responded to an urgent call from a school district in Southern California – but ended up doing more than making sure the mold was safely removed…

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