Thies, Denzil

Denzil is a globally experienced Finance Executive with experience in Fortune 50 companies and small businesses. He has served in CFO roles for companies with $30M to $500M in revenues, and has worked in or led teams directly in Financial Planning and Analysis, Commercial Finance, Operations Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Internal Audit. 

Casillas, Carrie

Carrie is the Human Resources Director and ensures that all Human Resources initiatives are strategically aligned with the vision, mission and core values of the organization.  

Vinciguerra, Fred

Mr. Vinciguerra has over twenty two years of professional environmental consulting experience.

Martinelli, John

Mr. Martinelli is the Healthcare Practice Director for Forensic Analytical Consulting Services.

Kollmeyer, Benjamin

Ben has extensive experience in the environmental health arena, conducting hundreds of investigations involving a variety of physical, chemical and biological hazards in occupational and community settings.

Kahane, David

Mr. Kahane is the founder of Forensic Analytical. Established in 1986, Forensic Analytical has provided consulting and analysis in the Environmental Health and Forensic Sciences.

Carlin, Russ

For over 20 years, Russ has worked with multiple regional and national clients and with FACS’ technical and operational staff…