Wildfire Planning for Business: Prepare, Respond, Recover

Despite regular tips and pleas from the United States Forest Service and other agencies, wildfires still happen and wildfire planning is still needed. Whether ignited by a careless camper or a lightning storm, it’s 100 percent certain that forests are going to burn, highways are going to be closed, and people are going to suffer… Read more »

The Dangers of Structure Fires

Structure fire (fire involving the structural components of a building) can be a devastating and catastrophic life event. Fire events can range from minor smoke events (e.g., burning food) to complete burning and destruction of a property. Following a fire event, property owners, insurance companies and neighboring residents are generally looking for answers to questions… Read more »

Wildfire Smoke and its Impact on Your Home

Massive wildfires continue to devastate the west coast and are expected to increase as we enter fire season. These wildfires cause millions of dollars in damage, neighborhood displacement, and emotional distress for property owners and occupants. In the wake of this destruction, many property owners, insurance companies, and neighboring residents are looking for answers. Has my home been impacted? What needs to be cleaned? Is it safe for me to clean it myself?

Wildfire Smoke Awareness

Brush and Forest Fires

This is a difficult time for many in the Southwest United States as we witness the devastation and damage of the raging wildfires. At Forensic Analytical Consulting Services (FACS), our passion is protecting the health of people, families, communities and the environment through assessment, education and prevention. As such, we hope you find the following information and resources beneficial.