Wildfire Smoke

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Massive wildfires recently devastated several west coast cities. These wildfires caused millions of dollars in damage, neighborhood displacement, and emotional distress for property owners and occupants. In the wake of this destruction, there is increasing concern regarding potential impacts of wildfire soot and other smoke-related particulates which may deposit on property exteriors and infiltrate into buildings through openings such as doors, windows and vents. These particulates can include soot (carbonized material) and partially burned materials (char and ash).

FACS assists our clients by conducting evaluations of the potential impact of wildfire-related particulates on residential and business structures and contents. FACS applies procedures to evaluate buildings and contents that incorporate the determination of fire perimeter proximities, identification of smoke infiltration pathways, visual assessment for the presence of staining or particulates and collection of surface dust samples for microscopic analysis in order to identify combustion-related particulates. Based on these assessment tools, FACS provides conclusions regarding impacts and associated recommendations for cleaning or other mitigation. FACS has a team of inspectors and experts ready to respond rapidly to wildfire claims and concerns.

FACS services include:

  • Sampling and assessment protocol development and review
  • Residential and business property impact evaluations
  • Building contents evaluation
  • Cleaning and mitigation recommendations
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Training and education services
  • Risk management and litigation support services