LEED Certification

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In recent years, the general public has become increasingly aware of the influence of the building sector (e.g. buildings and infrastructure) on the environment in which we live and in turn, the built environment’s effect on us. A movement has sprouted from this awareness, spawning new growth in the area of green or sustainable building practices. Definitions of green or sustainable building practices may vary, but in general, green building means balancing environmental responsibility with meeting the needs of our current generation and all future generations all the while creating comfortable, healthy buildings and communities in which to work and live.

The US Green Building Council (USGBC, www.usgbc.org), founded in 1993, has been at the forefront of the green building movement. The USGBC membership includes a variety of different industry sectors all dedicated to promoting and implementing sustainable building practices.  Shortly after its creation, the membership realized in order to promote and create a sustainable building culture, a system was needed to define and measure what would qualify as a “green building”.  From this, grew what is now known as the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System®.

As an environmental consulting company and in line with our company’s mission of environmental stewardship and protection of the public health, FACS provides its clients many levels of support for the LEED process, in addition to any other environmental sustainable building programs that currently exist or may be developed in the future. FACS can provide required asbestos or PCB surveys, conduct ventilation measurements, provide building commissioning support, develop and support IAQ management plans, perform baseline IAQ sampling, and provide additional Indoor Environmental credit planning and services.