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Forensic Analytical Consulting Services’ lead consulting capabilities extend well beyond the traditional lead-based paint arena. This expertise includes some the following:

  • Remediation oversight for installation and removal of lead sheet radiation shielding in health care settings
  • Testing and mapping of elevated lead in drinking water due to leaded plumbing components in buildings
  • Lead consulting in manufacturing settings
  • OSHA-required compliance plan development and associated exposure determinations
  • Proactive waste characterization to minimize hazardous waste and prevent change orders for hazardous lead waste disposal.

Our certified staff has extensive experience with our real-time, non-destructive X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) field instrumentation, which, together with our affiliates best-in-class laboratory testing, optimize testing precision, cost-effectiveness and completion time.

Our comprehensive services for lead-based paint in buildings include consulting for in-place management of lead-based paint, hazard determination, evaluation, prioritization and design of remediation alternatives, cost estimating, scheduling, CAD drawings, bid documents, and contractor selection assistance. Our independent oversight and testing of remediation projects helps keep projects on-time and on-budget, while providing defensible verification of the effectiveness of control measures during remediation, as well as post-remediation data demonstrating compliance with regulatory standards.