Healthcare Facility Project

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FACS has provided environmental health services to several national healthcare providers. These services have involved capital project groups, construction groups, infection control groups, health and safety professionals and CFO audits for environmental liabilities. These services spanned all aspects of planning, design, construction, renovation and operations. FACS excels in helping hospitals meet and/or exceed guidelines as required by The Joint Commission and other internal guidelines, procedures and policies.

These services involve interdisciplinary teams that include the Owner, clinical staff, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, infection control and environmental services.

One example of a successful project involved pre-planning and project management during a major asbestos abatement phase within an occupied and operating hospital. Asbestos containing fireproofing material was present within several areas of the hospital including general, tenant and patient care areas.
As part of pre-planning, FACS assisted the Owner with planning and technical specifications, pre-bid documents and abatement contractor selection. As expected, this was a complex project that required FACS staff to work closely with the project architect and several general contractors throughout different phases of the project.

The project was completed on-time and within budget with little disruption to overall hospital operations and scheduling. As an added benefit to the Owner, FACS was also available to provide water intrusion consulting services and additional specialized training for facility staff.