Government Building IEQ Sampling and Evaluation

Large Scale IEQ Sampling and Evaluation

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FACS was called into a complex Indoor Environmental Quality situation at a government building in downtown Los Angeles. Several stakeholders were involved, which included building management, the occupying government agency, the union and the workers themselves.

FACS addressed both present physical conditions and occupant perception. In order to help create stakeholder consensus, the FACS team provided impartial, rational and scientific-based information and reports regarding the present building conditions to all involved stakeholders. Because of this, FACS earned the trust of management, the union and the employees.

After group consensus was reached, FACS developed a sampling and evaluation plan that identified several environmental health risks (including mold, asbestos, lead and others) and issues that may have resulted in degraded IEQ. In the end, FACS’ IEQ evaluation plan helped foster better communication between the involved parties and provided recommendations for providing a healthier environment for building occupants.