• Man Installing Insulation

Fiberglass may also be referred to as fibrous glass or glass wool. Fiberglass is widely used to insulate pipes, attics, walls and appliances for sound control in aircrafts and automobiles, and in roofing material and some plastics.  Direct contact with fiberglass or with fiberglass dust may cause skin, eyes, nose and throat irritation. High levels of exposure to fiberglass dust may aggravate asthma or bronchitis.

FACS assists fiberglass manufacturers in assessing workplace exposure, personal protection and controls.  FACS provides similar services to construction and maintenance personnel that may work with fiberglass insulation materials. Additionally, FACS provides assessment and guidance to building occupants and residents that may be exposed if fiberglass is dispersed into occupied areas due to degrading ventilation systems, building renovations or during other fiberglass disturbance.