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For more than 30 years, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services has provided a full range of testing, inspection, training, litigation support, and other consulting services as a means of assisting our clients in managing asbestos materials. Places where dangers from asbestos may lurk include existing buildings, at sites with naturally-occurring asbestos, and at contaminated sites under litigation or regulatory scrutiny.

Our staff of certified consultants has hands-on experience with many types of asbestos issues. This broad experience forms the basis of our ability to efficiently manage remediation projects. Our staffing and laboratory experts work closely to ensure a quick turnaround, from the proposal stage through project completion.

Past asbestos remediation projects have included pre-demolition asbestos surveys, pre-litigation characterization of contamination throughout a multi-story building, and remediation of scattered, broken and buried asbestos materials on a multi-acre site. Our services also include providing CAD drawings, database development for identified asbestos building material inventories, and efficient field communications.

FACS also conducts asbestos program development for enterprises of all sizes – anything from a single-site project to nationwide building portfolios. This program includes development of asbestos operation and maintenance programs for in-place management of asbestos-containing material. Our asbestos abatement oversight services include specification preparation, contractor selection assistance, independent on-site remediation inspection, and post-abatement verification testing.