2015 Asbestos Consulting Project

  • Asbestos, abatement, remediation, industrial hygiene, environmental consulting


FACS undertook a 9,000 acre site, housing 1,000 buildings for a massive site cleanup and modernization. Over 350 buildings were surveyed for asbestos and were monitored throughout the duration of abatement and demolition. The buildings had been unoccupied for decades; many were in dangerous or condemned conditions and contaminated with unknown chemicals. The technicians also risked encounters with rattlesnakes, vermin, and lack of utilities.


This project was a large undertaking for FACS and demonstrated ability to respond quickly, work with short timelines, and showcased the breadth of services offered, evident with the scope of difficulty of this project. FACS worked with the owner to sequence the projects and to ensure that all timelines and expectations were exceeded.

Office: Sacramento
Senior Project Manager: David Brinkerhoff

Project Name: Asbestos Consulting for Large Industrial Site
Project Location: Sacramento, CA
Project Revenue: $93,000
Dates: January 2010 – April 2013

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