Leadership at Forensic Analytical

Executive Team

environmental health consulting, certified industrial hygienist, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

David Kahane

Principal | Founder

David is the founder and principal of Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc. He frequently interfaces with managers and supervisors regarding technical operations. He possesses technical expertise on toxins within the built environment, including asbestos, lead, microbials, pesticides and volatile organic compounds. David performs industrial hygiene and indoor air quality investigations, statistical evaluations, experimental design, exposure assessments and litigation support. He is frequently requested to lecture on sampling and analytical issues related to building toxins by Universities, professional associations, and industry trade groups.

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environmental health consulting, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

Fred Vinciguerra

Principal | Chief Executive Officer

Fred is responsible for the overall management of FACS. He has been with the firm for over 22 years and has extensive experience managing staff and client relationships. In addition to overseeing the daily operations of the company, he is responsible for all aspects of branch operations and to ensure that all deliverables are technically accurate.

Highly respected in the industry, Fred has worked his way up from an analytical microscopist to the Hayward Branch Director, Corporate Operations Director and now to the position of CEO. This experience has proven valuable when assisting clients with issues involving public health.

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environmental health consulting, certified industrial hygienist, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

Ben Kollmeyer

Principal | Chief Science Officer

Ben has more than 16 years of comprehensive technical experience in the environmental health and safety field performing indoor air quality studies, industrial hygiene surveys, environmental assessments, employee training, compliance audits, and accident investigations. He is responsible for the technical operations throughout each office.

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environmental health consulting, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

Russ Carlin

Principal | Chief Marketing Officer

Russ Carlin is the Chief Marketing Officer for FACS. Russ specializes in matching environmental products and services to clients nationally. His goal is to address issues of Public Health while also striving to manage overall costs, reduce potential liability, deliver informed solutions and to help provide science in context.

For the past 19 years, Russ has worked with multiple regional and national clients and with FACS’s technical and operational staff to create, implement and verify programs that help to effectively manage environmental health concerns. These services include traditional Industrial Hygiene services and innovative programs for building owners, facility managers, construction and risk management professionals.

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environmental health consulting, certified industrial hygienist, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

John Martinelli

Principal | Healthcare Practice Leader

John works directly with several local and national healthcare organizations providing industry leading environmental consulting services. John has been consulting in healthcare environments since 2000 and has facilitated numerous presentations and educational programs at regional and national conferences. He has assisted healthcare systems and local hospitals develop and implement compliance and risk management programs. He holds a Healthcare Construction Certificate and is a member of The American Hospital Association (AHA), the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) and the California Society for Healthcare Engineering (CSHE).

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Forensic analytical, environmental health consulting, industrial hygiene

Sharon Reeves

Chief Operations Officer

Sharon is the Chief Operations Officer for FACS.  Her goal is to make positive impact on the organizational growth of the company, staff and clients. Sharon has over 25 years of business management experience, having worked her way up in management early in her career in multiple positions with hard work ethic and a positive attitude. Some areas of expertise and knowledge include financial planning, operational excellence, developing and implementation of productive infrastructures, training and strategic planning.

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environmental health consulting, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

John Blessing

General Manager

John has over 25 years of experience leading and developing business development teams. The majority of his experience has been in strategic, solution-selling sales environments in multiple industry segments including software, IT, cloud-based and managed services, technology and financial services. This broad perspective in developing strategies and solutions in order to close opportunities allows John to apply this experience across industries including technology, finance and consulting. He has also carried a bag selling SaaS, cloud-based services and managed solutions to the C-level in mid-size and enterprise firms, positioning John as an effective leader and building respect within his teams.

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Leticia Resize

Leticia Franco

Human Resources Manager

Leticia is the Human Resources Manager and is responsible for setting forth the plans and procedures for the department. She works along with her team to ensure all goals and objectives are met. Leticia’s capacity includes working with the Leadership Team to ensure the company’s core values and the human resources initiatives are strategically aligned. She has been in her current role since 2011 and has been with the company for over 16 years. Leticia worked her way up through the company as she began her role as an Administrative Assistant II, then was soon promoted to Administrative Supervisor, then Corporate Administrations Manager before moving to her current role.

Leticia has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sociology and is an active member in several Human Resources associations.

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environmental health consulting, certified industrial hygienist, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

David Brinkerhoff

Director of San Francisco

David has over 15 years of increasing leadership roles within the environmental health, industrial hygiene and hazardous building materials consulting community, while serving a wide array of clients in both the litigated and non-litigated environments. Over the course of his career, he has built a broad range of exposure assessment experience including indoor air quality investigations, building and HVAC system evaluations, evaluating engineering controls and assessing various physical, chemical and biological exposures.

As a senior member of the technical team, David provides QA/QC oversight on project reports, client hazard communication and services related to industrial hygiene inspections and assessments.

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forensic analytical, facs, industrial hygiene, environmental health consultants, Certified industrial hygienist

Sylvia Fontes

Director of Sacramento

Sylvia has more than 30 years experience in comprehensive industrial hygiene services. Sylvia provides industrial hygiene management for industries including construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. Sylvia conducts training in compliance with Cal/OSHA requirements, develops site specific health and safety plans and writes health and safety programs specific to client operations. Sylvia also manages exposure assessment projects for a variety of industrial and healthcare clients. Sylvia has considerable experience supporting engineers, scientists, geologists, archeologists, and other staff with respect to their environmental, health, and safety needs. Ms. Fontes has conducted complex industrial hygiene exposure assessments to evaluate chemical, physical, and biological hazards in a variety of workplace and community settings; mold assessments, developed hazard communication programs and injury and illness prevention plans.

Sylvia also manages the Sacramento office for FACS and is responsible for FACS operations from Sacramento north to the Oregon border.

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environmental health consulting, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

Kevin Trapp

Director of Southern California

Kevin has been with FACS since 2001. During his tenure, he has provided expertise for numerous lawsuits dealing primarily with contaminant exposure. He has California state certifications and experience in asbestos and lead consulting/sampling. He has also worked on a variety of other projects; these range from residential smoke damage assessments, to large-scale mold/asbestos abatement in a high rise Hawaii hotel, to monitoring infection control during construction projects in active hospitals.

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janine white, FACS local director for Portland

Janine White

Director of Portland

Janine has over 20 years of experience in the private manufacturing and consulting industries.  Her work includes reporting, auditing, permitting, compliance, and other regulatory matters under federal, state and local laws.

Her specific experience includes EHS compliance and auditing, chemical inventory, regulatory reporting, permit assistance, due diligence, ISO14001 management, SPCC/FRP, technical procedure and report writing, health and safety plans, and process hazard analysis. She has provided consulting services to clients in chemical, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and retail industries.

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environmental health consulting, certified industrial hygienist, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

J. David Krause

Director of Southern Operations

David has 23 years of consulting experience in public health, occupational health, and environmental health. He specializes in complex and emerging exposure issues in the indoor environment and workplace. His academic training and professional interests have focused on toxicology, occupational health, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, Legionnaires’ disease, and chemical emissions from consumer products.

Clients have relied upon Dr. Krause’s expertise and guidance for emergency response operations, remediation of hazardous materials, providing risk communications to employees and the public, and as an expert witness in both state and federal court. David has authored and co-authored guidelines on Legionnaires’ disease investigations, Corrosive Chinese Drywall, and environmental exposures to oil spill products when swimming. David has been an invited speaker to international conference in Finland and Thailand in addition to testifying before the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

David also manages the Tallahassee, Florida office for FACS and is responsible for operations throughout the southeastern United States.

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environmental health consulting, forensic analytical, industrial hygiene

Thomas S. Barczak, Jr

EH&S Program Director

Thomas has experience providing comprehensive EHS and IAQ services since 1999. He has extensive experience in examinating indoor air quality, performing assessment surveys, moisture origination identification, consulting and managing mold remediation projects. He has directed and supervised over 600 remediation projects ranging from residential to commercial and large hotel facilities throughout the U.S.

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