Service Spotlights

  • Healthcare – Water Management Services

    On June 2, 2017, the Department of Health & Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) released a memorandum requiring Medicare certified healthcare facilities to reduce risks associated with Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in their building water systems.

  • Coatings and Corrosion Control

    Today, the coatings, linings, and corrosion control industries face many challenges to maintain the highest levels of safety, quality and compliance. With a strong commitment to both best practices and the bottom line, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc., (FACS) delivers 30 years of proven success when emerging, urgent, and long-term needs demand professionals who are […]

  • Healthy Building Program

    Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc., (FACS) has a long history of working with general contractors, residential builders, and specialty contractors on thousands of projects over the past 30 years. Our services have been tailored to support contractors during pre-construction planning, at active construction sites, and by providing post-construction verification of site conditions. In short, we […]

  • Wildfires – Smoke Impact Evaluations

    Massive wildfires recently devastated several cities throughout the west coast. These wildfires caused millions of dollars in damage, neighborhood displacement, and emotional distress for property owners and occupants. In the wake of this destruction, there is increasing concern regarding potential impacts of wildfire soot and other smoke-related particulates which may deposit on property exteriors and […]

  • Emergency Response

    A well-planned environmental disaster response program is the best way to protect against further loss and to get your facility open again. FACS has extensive experience providing quick response to major disasters and helping to avoid losses such as mold growth caused by hurricane and flood damage or property damage caused by wildfire smoke. When […]

  • Healthcare – Bundled Environmental Monitoring And Testing Services

    FACS’ customized healthcare audit systems maximize obtained data, help improve staff and patient safety, improve regulatory compliance, and minimize project costs. FACS understands the impact that indoor pathogens can have on staff and patients. We understand that corrective actions are needed quickly to mitigate risks while at the same time minimizing business interruption. FACS can […]

  • Respirator Fit Testing

    Over 3 million American workers are required to wear respirators to protect themselves from environmental hazards in the workplace. Individuals that may require respirator fit testing as part of their jobs include: healthcare professionals, industrial workers, construction workers, remediation and abatement contractors, first responders, and a wide array of professional service providers. In 1998, the […]

  • Expert Testimony

    FACS is a leader in providing knowledgeable and articulate expert witnesses for our clients. We bring cutting-edge expertise to our clients through our research and active participation with industrial hygiene organizations as well as the industry and community sectors we serve. Our values are firmly rooted in the integrity of science-based decision-making, ensuring our arguments […]

  • Stakeholder Communication

    Complex projects require constant communication between all of the involved parties. FACS employees are well-versed in identifying and communicating key issues to other members of the team. The owner, outside counsel, risk management, architect, general contractor and sub-contractors, department heads, tenants, and employees all have a stake in the success of a project. This communication […]

  • FASB-FIN 47 (Financial Accounting Standards Board)

    FACS can help you get your arms around the future cost carrying environmental liabilities on your books and to help determine the fair value of an Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO). FACS has developed a comprehensive compliance program to identify environmental impairments, assign associated fair value costs to remedy the impairment, amortize the cost through the […]