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  • Californian Workers Exposed to High Lead Levels

    The Occupational Health Branch posted a report, “Blood Lead Levels in California Workers” on high lead levels workers are exposed to in California in a study that went from 2012-2014. They tested the blood of adults to find out how many workers have elevated blood lead levels, measured at 5 micrograms of lead per deciliter and higher. […]

  • Higher Lead Levels Than Flint Discovered in California

    It has been reported that children in several Northern California communities have elevated levels of lead in their bloodstreams as published by Cal Watchdog. The article, “8 CA Zip Codes Have Worse Lead Contamination than Flint“, details that some of these test results exceed those found in Flint, Michigan.

  • Toxic PCBs Are Found in Thousands of US Schools

    In an article featured in the Reading Eagle, “Activists warn toxic industrial PCBs contaminate thousands of US schools“, published in October 2016, concern has been raised at how harmful Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have been found in schools across the nation. There is no tally on how many schools may contain these substances; as schools don’t test […]

  • Legionella, 40 Years Later: What Have We Learned? Public, Private and Government Entities Working Together To Change Standard of Care

    Legionella Prevention On the heels of this week’s news regarding recent Legionella bacteria findings, environmental health consulting firm urges changes to the standard of care for the prevention of Legionella-related illnesses Forensic Analytical Consulting Services has been working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and the American Society of Heating, […]

  • The Synergist: Evaluating a Structure Fire

    Assessing structural fire damage can represent a significant challenge for enterprises. In the wake of a structure fire, impacts can range from complete or partial physical destruction, to staining or discoloration of surfaces, residual odor, and corrosion. To be prepared should your facility ever be impacted by a structure fire, you can download the article, Evaluating […]

  • 2016 AJG Hospitality Roundtable Meeting

    Megan Canright, MPH, CIH and Forensic Analytical Consulting Services employee attended the AJG Roundtable in New Orleans last month. This article highlights the 2016 Hospitality Risk Management Roundtable Meeting, which was in the October issue of Hotel Business Magazine.

  • Legionellosis: Emory Workshop

    Have the recent headlines about Legionnaire’s Disease piqued your interest on what Legionella is and the impact it’s having across the US? David Krause wrote a fabulous article on LinkedIn touting an informational workshop Emory University held. Many experts weighed in worldwide, and it is highly recommended. There will be changes in water management and standard of […]

  • Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks are increasing

    Legionella bacteria grow in warm water, and Legionella are commonly found in cooling tower reservoirs and in domestic water systems, especially in hot water systems.  When Legionella grows, and Legionella-containing water aerosols are inhaled, susceptible individuals (such as older and/or immunocompromised people) may develop Legionnaire’s Disease.  Control of Legionella includes water temperature control and continuous or intermittent chemical treatment of aerosol-producing sources.  Aerosol producers include cooling […]