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  • The Dangers of Structure Fires

    Structure fire (fire involving the structural components of a building) can be a devastating and catastrophic life event. Fire events can range from minor smoke events (e.g., burning food) to complete burning and destruction of a property. Following a fire event, property owners, insurance companies and neighboring residents are generally looking for answers to questions […]

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  • Hospitality Exposure: Synthetic Opioid Production and Use

    The production of Methamphetamines and the processing of Opioids are becoming more and more prevalent in the Hospitality industry.  Easy access, privacy and the ability to manufacture or package drugs quickly, has lead to increased exposure to toxic chemicals for hotel workers and guests. The purpose of this article is to review the impact of […]

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  • Tomorrowland: 5 Global Megatrends & How they’re Shaping the Future of Environmental Health

    History has shown that predicting the headline grabbing environmental health issues of tomorrow can be difficult. However, we can glean insights into some of the challenges likely to emerge by looking at large scale trends impacting people and businesses around the globe. Anticipating these challenges can help risk managers, business owners and environmental professionals begin […]

  • Community Giving Programs


    Supporting ‘cycle of giving’ helps us achieve high employee and client satisfaction At FACS, we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of community giving. So much so, that we’ve made it part of the company’s character from the outset. As a company whose business is helping to protect public health, we’ve always put people first, and […]

  • Wildfire Smoke and its Impact on Your Home


    Massive wildfires continue to devastate the west coast and are expected to increase as we enter fire season. These wildfires cause millions of dollars in damage, neighborhood displacement, and emotional distress for property owners and occupants. In the wake of this destruction, many property owners, insurance companies, and neighboring residents are looking for answers. Has my home been impacted? What needs to be cleaned? Is it safe for me to clean it myself?

  • FACS Incident Response Management


    With FIRM, eliminate stress & waste from unplanned incidents.

    It is hard to react quickly and efficiently when problems arise. There are so many things to coordinate and stakeholders want their spaces cleaned up and operational as quickly as possible. The pressure mounts as impacts from the damage may not be fully understood and the response action evolves.

  • CMS, ASHRAE 188 and my hospital: What are the next steps?


    Developing a designated water management program team is job no. 1

    With the nationwide incidence of Legionella on a steady rise since 2000, ASHRAE has published ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 for reducing the risk of bacterial growth in facilities’ water systems.

    Legionella, the cause of Legionnaires’ Disease (LD), an often deadly type of pneumonia (as well as Pontiac Fever), most often affects those in certain risk groups: persons who are over age 50, are smokers, or who have underlying medical conditions such as chronic lung disease or suppressed immune systems.

  • 5 Ways to Achieve Better Outcomes When a Family Member is Hospitalized


    There are few things more stressful for you, or a friend or loved one, than to be admitted to a hospital. From when we’re very young, these cold, sprawling buildings carry the stigma of being a scary place where even scarier things happen – and it’s not easy to shake these feelings, even as adults.

    Today, there’s a new reason for the “fear factor”: Changes in healthcare, skyrocketing hospitalization costs, a feeling of isolation from doctors and nurses – and yes, even an enhanced awareness of hospital-acquired infections – all conspire to send anxiety and stress levels soaring.

    Yet, the presence of loved ones during the hospital stay can have some very measurable benefits to all involved. Studies conducted for both Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and The Journal of the American Medical Association show stress is reduced when a family member accompanies a patient. This reduction in stress often leads to an overall improvement in patient outcomes.

  • Are you really ready for the unexpected?


    When you have a loss over your deductible, your insurance carrier will typically take over and provide you with expert incident management teams; consultants, and remediation and construction professionals. This gives you the power of their relationships/pricing models and very few of the headaches.

    What happens if your losses are below your deductible or is one that you would prefer to fix outside of your insurance provider relationships? They happen more frequently and are typically more difficult to manage. They can drain you of time, money and resources.

    There is an answer. Forensic Analytical Consulting Services Incident Response Management solution (FIRM), provides expertise, project management and cost savings that you would typically receive from your insurance carrier without the worry of increased premiums. The result: cost savings and productivity gains on all your incidents.

  • Wildfire Smoke Awareness


    Brush and Forest Fires

    This is a difficult time for many in the Southwest United States as we witness the devastation and damage of the raging wildfires. At Forensic Analytical Consulting Services (FACS), our passion is protecting the health of people, families, communities and the environment through assessment, education and prevention. As such, we hope you find the following information and resources beneficial.